Aaron 'Fury' Triche
Trumpet - Vocals

Aaron 'Fury' Triche has been playing trumpet for over 25 years. Having started playing at the age of 10, Fury has amassed a diverse range of genres in his repertoire. Originally from Houma, Louisiana, Aaron moved to Baton Rouge after high school, where he studied music at Louisiana State University. During his time at LSU, Aaron studied under James West, while performing with several ensembles including The Golden Band From Tigerland, Jazz Ensembles,  and numerous concert ensembles. Ensembles,  and numerous concert ensembles. After several years at LSU, Aaron left school before completing his degree in order to pursue his music career. Most notably, Fury spent nearly 7 years touring and performing with 6 Pack Deep. Including several albums with 6PD, Aaron has also recorded with multiple other bands, such as Meriwether (from Baton Rouge) and Mike Got Spiked (from Dublin, Ireland). Aaron also operates as manager of Powerhouse Band.